Your Complete Guide To Your Maternity Journey

When there is a newborn on the way, the urge inside you to take care of yourself increases, as a parent, you want to do every single thing right to avoid generating any harm. It is also typical that you become more sensitive to your lifestyle, including your food and the clothes you wear. If you are a first-time mother, learn essential tips during your nine-month journey to motherhood.

During the first month, or when you first find out about the fetus inside you, the most reasonable thing to do is make an appointment with an obstetrician-gynecologist or OBGYN. Confirm the pregnancy, undergo tests to rule out any health problems. After so, you will receive advice on making adjustments to your diet, starting light exercises, and having plenty of rest.

Next month, it is the start of your regular prenatal check-ups to maintain your body’s healthy state. It is also the time it is preferable to start saving and planning finances for your baby, including your potential expenses, when your pregnancy due date comes. Thus, it’s the perfect time to decide where you want to give birth, either at the hospital or at home.

In the third month, the last one for your first trimester is the time you enroll yourself in childbirth classes. The following month is where you should start shopping for your maternity clothes since that baby bump will slowly reveal itself, and your breasts might grow more prominent too. It will be the ideal opportunity to tell your family and colleagues about the pregnancy.

The fifth month will be your chance to conduct a gender reveal party if you desire to share it with your circle. Almost every mother dreams of this happening. For this, you have to undergo another set of ultrasound and anomaly scans to guarantee safety inside your womb. And in the next month, maternity leave should be your priority, and your doctor will strongly advocate it.

At the commencement of your third trimester, the seventh month is where you begin to collect clothes and stuff for your baby. If you do not yet know its gender, opt to buy unisex items. In the month before your last, you probably finished setting up the baby’s room. Hence, conducting a baby shower is highly advisable. Welcome the coming of your baby to the family.

Lastly, in your last pregnancy month, aside from ensuring you have a name ready for your child, make plans to pre-register if you choose to deliver in the hospital. Arrange your hospital bag in case you give birth anytime. In the meantime, while you anticipate for the newborn to come, breathe deep and relax. Nine months is a long time. It is why you make the most of it for yourself and the baby.

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